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Rhinestahl is a family owned business, that was humbly established in 1967 with a single lathe and mill. Today, we offer state of the art CNC machining equipment coupled with decades of job shop experience —making Rhinestahl the best, logical choice for custom precision machining. From large fabrications to precision fixtures and complex assemblies, we have the expertise in-house. Rhinestahl is conveniently located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. We ship finished goods worldwide using our network of common carriers and licensed brokers.



Explore our full suite of 3, 4 and 5 axis precision CNC machining, horizontal and vertical CNC turning and large CNC large boring mill capabilities.

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Rhinestahl AMG’s Precision Hydraulic “Arbors/Chuck” and “Fixtures” along with our “Precision Grind Cell” can meet your out-source precision requirements.

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Our capabilities include extensive fixturing and MIG, TIG and EB welding techniques and processes as well as assembly and machine complex fabrications of varying exotic materials.

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Contract Manufacturing & Assembly


Rhinestahl has the ability to complete assembly of complex parts, machinery and fixtures.

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Workholding / Source Control


Rhinestahl AMG precision hydraulic arbors, chucks and specialty fixtures are used where accurate centering, repeatability and positive clamping are a necessity.

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