Rhinestahl AMG’s “Grind Cell” specializes in precision grinding across multiple industries from space to transportation. Our commitment to through-process quality inspections by our superior quality engineers and machinists ensures best-in-class accuracy.



Precision Grind Capabilities, .0002 or better in exceptions

Surfaces .0002 T.I.R. (60” Max Diameter x 53” Max Height)

Diameters, Complex or Basic in shape

  • Complex, one or more diameters that may or may not be the same size but are required to be in tolerance with one another
  • Basic, Singular diameter from ¼” up to 60”
  • Shafts, Rings, Fixtures, Customer provided parts and/or materials


CMM Data

Wenzel LH 1512 2500mm

  • Modus Software
  • 59” x 98.5” x 47” work piece capacity
  • Accuracy: .0002”

Brown & Sharpe XCEL 12 20 10

  • PC DMIS Software
  • 47” x 79” x 39” work piece capacity
  • Accuracy: .0005”

Download Grinding Capabilities Brochure