The Rhinestahl AMG “Grind Cell” meets our customers out-source Precision Grind Requirements. Partnering with our Inspection Lab we can validate the Quality and with our team of dedicated personnel we will make all effort to meet your delivery expectations to assist you in getting your end use product to you and your customer.



Precision Grind Capabilities, .0002 or better in exceptions

Surfaces .0002 T.I.R. (60” Max Diameter x 53” Max Height)

Diameters, Complex or Basic in shape

  • Complex, one or more diameters that may or may not be the same size but are required to be in tolerance with one another
  • Basic, Singular diameter from ¼” up to 60”
  • Shafts, Rings, Fixtures, Customer provided parts and/or materials


CMM Data

Wenzel LH 1512 2500mm

  • Modus Software
  • 59” x 98.5” x 47” work piece capacity
  • Accuracy: .0002”

Brown & Sharpe XCEL 12 20 10

  • PC DMIS Software
  • 47” x 79” x 39” work piece capacity
  • Accuracy: .0005”