Rhinestahl AMG has the capabilities to handle precise machining for high complexity jobs. Our capabilities enable us to create the forms, tools and parts that power the world.


5 Axis Machining

In addition to moving on the three linear axes X, Y and Z, these machines also move in two rotary axes, often identified as A and B. The resulting benefits make it the ideal process for creating aerodynamic forms.

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3 & 4 Axis Machining

3 axis machines are controlled via 3 separate (X, Y and Z) axes. When needed, a fourth axis can be added in the form of a rotary which typically rotates around the X axis.

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Rhinestahl AMG offers small to large horizontal and vertical turning operations as well as mill / turning operations to better speed up manufacturing time.

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Rhinestahl AMG offers large boring and gantry mill capabilities.

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Splining (Gear Shaping)

Rhinestahl AMG has a splining cell that utilizes four horizontal gear shapers.

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