Workholding / Source Control

Rhinestahl AMG precision hydraulic arbors, chucks and specialty fixtures are used where accurate centering, repeatability and positive clamping are a necessity.



Operation is fast and reliable on automatic equipment as well as general purpose machinery. Rhinestahl AMG expansion arbors and chucks are designed to accurately locate and securely hold parts in place while performing a variety of operations. The expansion or contraction is obtained by hydraulic pressure which expands or contracts the steel sleeve within the elastic limits of the metal. The hydraulic pressure ensures that the sleeve expands or contracts uniformly around the axial centerline of the workpiece resulting in true, absolute centering and positive clamping.

Rhinestahl AMG arbors and chucks provide the ultimate in accuracy and are manufactured to exacting standards and precision tolerances. All units are precision ground within .0002 T.I.R. as standard and up to .000025 T.I.R. for critical applications.


Operating Principles

Rhinestahl AMG precision arbors, chucks and specialty fixtures operate in the same basic principle. The part is installed into the arbor, chuck or fixture. The arbor, chuck or fixture is actuated by turning an Actuation Screw that activates a Self Contained Hydraulic System to grip the part with equalized pressure, centralizing the part around its true part centerline. Grip force is exerted equally 360 degrees around the part that the arbor, chuck or fixture was engineered to grip.


Build to Print

Rhinestahl AMG specializes in build to print projects. We can manufacture your hydraulic tooling, specialty fixture and gauges quickly within budget. Rhinestahl AMG capacity and capability provide our customers with a broad range of outsourced manufacturing possibilities.



Rhinestahl AMG arbors, chucks, specialty fixtures and gauges are custom designed to meet the customer’s specific design requirements and needs.