Business Processes

Tracking Quotes
Rhinestahl utilizes its ERP system to develop and track quotes by outlining all of the costs and pricing for a proposal.  Once an order is received, Rhinestahl uses Jobs in the ERP system to track all operation steps, quality inspection requirements, material requirements, and outside services needed to support the order.  Delivery dates are also managed. 

Purchasing and Receiving
Purchasing and Receiving are handled completely by JobBoss.  Rhinestahl utilizes barcode scanners and workstations for the machine operators to track time and job status. Workstations are accessible on the floor to show operators their work schedule in a prioritized list of job operations, and operators can also view drawings or other documents relevant to that job from their workstation. 

Financial Accounting Modules
All of the material and labor transactions are used to feed the financial accounting modules, which track payables, receivables, cost analysis, profit analysis and generate financial statements.  The ERP system also provides a plethora of reports in support of management metrics to monitor status, track costs and manage to achieve commitments on delivery. 

Rhinestahl’s goal is to be operationally excellent, and our ERP system is one of the tools Rhinestahl uses to accomplish that mission.