Rhinestahl serves customers through three complementary business units:


Customer Tooling Solutions

CTS is engaged in the sales and support of complex tooling used in the aviation engine and aviation engine derivative marketplace. CTS is the exclusive GE Aviation OEM Approved Provider of tools to all of GE Aviation’s commercial, military and aeroderivative engine operators and maintenance providers.

In this role, CTS has responsibility to sell and support over 40,000 tools to customers in 80 countries worldwide. CTS employs 60 people, including technical roles of various engineering disciplines, creatives/marketers, as well as customer-facing and commercial roles from various disciplines.


Advanced Manufacturing Group

AMG is engaged in complex machining and fabrication of build-to-print and Rhinestahl-proprietary designs. AMG takes a partner approach with its customers helping to refine customer-defined designs for improved manufacturability, lower cost and improved utility as well as works upstream with customers to ensure a complete and integrated solution. AMG currently has customers in aerospace, transportation, medical devices and other marketplaces that require precise machining and fabrication.

AMG employees 75 people including engineers and engineering technology disciplines, as well as CNC machinists and other skilled-trade personnel.


Innovative Technical Solutions

ITS provides engineering solutions with capabilities to accomplish complete design and build of various solutions. Whether perfecting an existing design, or starting from a clear sheet of paper, ITS works collaboratively with its customers to harness the engineering and design expertise of its team and that of the customers for the best possible solution. ITS employs 25 people, primarily engineers and CAD designers.