OEM Compliance

Correct tooling configuration assurance:
Rhinestahl has the technical depth and breadth in-house to work collaboratively with you to define your tooling needs. As the only GE authorized full suite tooling provider, we have full access to GE’s technical information and engineers to ensure you always have the right tool, in the right place, at the right time.

Incorporation of latest GE OEM designs and specifications:
Strict manufacturing and supply chain management ensure complete compliance to GE OEM exacting specifications. Our tooling is built to the most current GE engineering revisions enabling us to provide the current build of each tool.

Full GE OEM quality with all certifications:
Rhinestahl maintains a Quality Management System that fully complies with all our customer’s quality requirements. Our focus is to continuously improve our processes to support our core value and belief in providing an Outstanding Customer Experience. Rhinestahl currently holds the following accreditation: ISO 9001:2008, AS9100:2009 REV. C and Nadcap Certified in Welding.

Governmental and certification body compliance:
Through training and process implementation, Rhinestahl is committed to compliance with all applicable U.S. and International regulations including: Environmental, Health, Safety, Importing, Exporting and CE (Conformité Européenne) marking.