Services & Support Solutions

You will get the technical depth to help you define the right tools for the job. You can be confident that those tools will not only be compatible for your engine’s unique configuration, but also will be manufactured and certified to the latest GE OEM designs and exacting specifications, while meeting all governmental compliance requirements.


We Support You

As GE’s OEM Authorized Tooling Provider, Rhinestahl supports all configurations of all commercial engines currently in use.


Your One-Stop Shop

Line Maintenance and Shop Level GE Aviation OEM compliant tools ensure your engines are on-wing for the longest time, and when out-of-service, returned to serviceable condition in the shortest possible time. All tools. All engines.


Smart Inventory

Rhinestahl provides on-shelf tooling of some common line maintenance tools, drastically cutting lead times for outages and any immediate needs.


More Than What You Think

Rhinestahl has the experience and capability to manufacture a wide variety of specialty tools outside of GE turbines.


MRO Supplier

Rhinestahl can supply Module and Piece Part Shop tooling for GE authorized MROs.


Unique Solutions Provider

Rhinestahl is built, from the ground up, to not only support all of your tooling needs, but to be a complete, innovative solution provider for your unique situations.


Other Specialty Tooling

We provide a broad range of specialty support equipment for use in a variety of engine maintenance applications.