Tooling & Workscopes

No other tooling provider can offer a one-stop shop for new tool sales, tool repairs and tool calibration. All tools, all engines, all work scopes!

Organizational / Flight Line
We offer Organizational level tools for your installed engine-maintenance tasks.

Intermediate (Module Shop)
Rhinestahl offers Intermediate level tooling for your more involved maintenance needs requiring engine teardown into major modules / assemblies.

Depot Level
We offer an entire overhaul shop tooling list enabling you to tear down your engines to piece-part level.


Tear Down

Organizational, Intermediate & Depot Level

Rhinestahl provides tooling used for the disassembly of gas turbines from module to piece level in order to complete all work packages.

  • Cts-military-tear-down

    Tear Down

  • Cts-military-torque-multipliers

    Torque Wrenches & Multipliers

  • Cts-military-dollys-stands2

    Dollies & Stands

  • Cts-military-lift-fixture2

    Lifting Fixtures

  • Cts-commericial-specialty-tool

    Specialty Tooling