Tooling & Turnkey Support Solutions

We provide tooling for manufacturing (fixtures, gauges, material handling, special process tooling), Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (assembly, disassembly, testing, inspection, repair, calibration, handling and transportation) as well as Support & Service (repair, modification, calibration, leasing, material handling).

But Rhinestahl ITS does far more than tooling. We can provide engine to aircraft interface integrated solutions as well as OEM authorized reverse engineering and 2D drawing conversions to 3D models. We provide the whole suite of service from component / structure design, build and test. With this capability Rhinestahl is also able to support you for Supplemental Type Certificate solutions that encompass system modifications and upgrades. We work closely with an FAA approved DER/DAR to assure full compliance of your modification or upgrade.

Our Integrated Solutions are not all up in the air, we’re down to earth and on the seas, Rhinestahl ITS provides integrated turnkey solutions for many industries, including Marine, Oil & Gas, Energy, Healthcare, and many others Industrial sectors.

Our team is experienced in integrated systems design and build that covers the spectrum of packaging. Rhinestahl ITS has all of the disciplines needed to deliver effective solutions (electrical, mechanical, analytical) as well as all of the tools necessary to accomplish specialized analysis; CFD, thermal, vibratory and acoustic signatures.