Design & Build Process

Our Process
Customer Engagement is what we are all about in creating your solution at Rhinestahl ITS. The first engagement is critical to achieve understanding of your need and can only occur through active listening on our part. We’ll work hand-in-glove with your entire team (engineering, project / program management, operations, and finance), listening first and then defining your need into a specification with defined CTQs bounded by budget and time.

Then it’s time for us to create your solution. We hit the white board and turn ideas into potential solutions and come back to you for concept validation while presenting different trade-offs of the solutions.

Once the concept is selected and agreed upon, we can provide you a complete turnkey solution. We will design the solution, perform the necessary analysis to assure CTQs are met, build a prototype if necessary, build and source the manufacture, produce first articles, accomplish all necessary inspections and acceptance tests and then enter into production. All while keeping you engaged in the process and we are not done listening yet. We also solicit your feedback on every project performed to make us better in regards to Cost, Quality, Delivery and Responsiveness (QCDR).

We also offer through-life support for your product via our service team.
Our People
Rhinestahl ITS provides The better solution through the most complex beings on the planet, People. Our team of professionals include: Design Engineers, Mechanical / Electrical & Controls / Manufacturing Engineers, Project & Program Mangers as well as Service & Material Managers. We have a recipe for a cost efficient mix of seniors and juniors that works. We carefully balance the Mentor to Mentee ratio to optimize the productivity of the team. The skills and experience (mechanical, electrical, analytical, program & project management, sourcing, logistics, quality, assembly and testing) that Rhinestahl ITS team brings, enables competitive solutions to your most complex needs.
Our Systems
Our skilled team normally starts at a whiteboard or a sketch pad brainstorming solutions and then quickly goes digital employing a whole suite of CAD/CAE tools: Unigraphics (NX), Catia, Solidworks, Auto Cad, Pro E, ANSYS, Nastran. We have the ability to morph to your preferences and practices.