Customer-Owned Product Solutions

Need help designing, developing, or building your new product? Rhinestahl ITS has the capability to develop new products for you. Below is just one example of a complex product solution that we provided to a customer.

The Challenge
The customer had been working on a product concept for several years and was at risk of missing its delivery target. The customer was challenged by its need to complete the design, production and delivery of three customer-ready systems within a short 90 day time-frame. That was Rhinestahl’s solution challenge …

The Product Requirement
The product, a mobile self-contained turbine wash, effluent capture and filtration system, had to be globally transportable, eco-friendly and CE compliant.

Our Solution
Rhinestahl ITS rose to the challenge and met the prototype, design, and production schedule working together with the customer via multiple and dynamic engineering solution processes. The delivered solution was a combination of ITS-proprietary technologies and ready-available, off-the-shelf materials.

Implementing a multi-generational product growth strategy, Rhinestahl designed, produced and delivered the original production unit plus two enhanced designs within twelve months.

The Results and Methodology
The current generation of the product exceeded customer expectations by reducing the system footprint by over 40%, the weight by over 30%, and the cost by over 15% from the original customer concept.

To achieve these results, Rhinestahl implemented a rapid prototype methodology in the design and production of a variable speed test rig capable of simulating the airflow and pressure characteristics of legacy and growth commercial and military gas turbine engines – all while injecting atomized fluid at varying rates up to 15 gpm.

The ITS prototype rig was used to test and validate competing air-water separation challenges and provided the ability to identify the most effective solution.